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What People Are Saying

Matt Reeves, Attorney

I worked for Robert on an eminent domain action filed against him by the GDOT on one of Robert’s office properties.  Robert got condemned by the GDOT on a road widening project on Lawrenceville Highway in Lilburn. Robert did his homework and problem-solved, which is what local government always needs. Robert was able to grasp quickly, complex legal documents and procedures, in addition to engineering, tenant / small business, and property value issues.  The initial offer for the taking was $2,000 and when he finally settled the case 2 year later on the courthouse steps, the GDOT wrote a check for $125,000.  Additionally, because of Robert’s detailed understanding of the City of Lilburn’s building codes and zoning ordinances, the non-monetary compensation he was able to obtain from the GDOT likely made this settlement worth two or three times more.  Robert’s determination to hold firm to his well-researched position against the big government agency of the GDOT during stressful and cross-examined court proceedings, and his calm patience as we prepared to try the case to a jury allowed Robert’s property to be made whole after facing what was originally a huge loss. 

Ken Wright, Founding Dunwoody Mayor

As the first mayor of Dunwoody there were hundreds of things that needed to happen that first year.  One challenge was staffing all the boards and committees with volunteers to do the business of our new city.  I appointed Robert to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee.  The job of this committee was to help develop our cities first Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  While a requirement of the state; this plan is a roadmap for the future growth and development of our city.  It lays out the vision of what we want our city to look like 30 years in the future.  Robert’s understanding of real estate development & construction, his vision and ability to think strategically, and his passion for the betterment of Dunwoody made him an ideal candidate for this committee. 

Linda Dunlavy, Attorney

In 2009, Robert called me and asked if I would work with him to research a concern, he had with the Dekalb County Schools in Dunwoody.  As an attorney that specializes in real estate litigation, development and zoning I told Robert I didn’t know how I could help as schools were not my area of the law.  But Robert presented me with a question that both stumped and intrigued me: he wondered with whose approval the schools were able to install temporary trailers on the ground to be used as classrooms.  This led me to make open records requests to Dekalb County as well as the Dekalb County Schools in the search for answers.  My research indicated that the schools were supposed to get permitting, inspections and CO’s from the local authority.  Additionally, I found that almost no CO’s had been issued by Dekalb County for trailers and no inspections done.  This was of particular concern from a fire safety standpoint. Since this was the start up year of the City of Dunwoody, we reached out to two city councilors to discuss our findings and offer solutions that the City could have instituted to ensure the safety of the school facilities in Dunwoody.  As easy as the solutions could have been we unfortunately hit a brick wall with then city politicians who were seemingly more concerned with the financial cost of inspections and a desire to be friendly with school administration than with student safety.  Regrettably, we were unable to get any traction on our work.

Nancy Jester, Dekalb County Commissioner

In preparation of the SPLOST referendum in 2016, Dekalb County put together a committee to develop a list of projects for the County Commission to consider and include with the referendum.  This committee met with all departments of Dekalb County to review their list of capital needs.  It was the goal of this group to develop a $400 million list of projects.  This work required a detailed look of the needs of each department: Police, Fire, Facilities, Parks, Library, Public Works, Roads & Drainage.  I met Robert when our kid were in class together in Peachtree Middle School and I knew Robert was the only person that I wanted to appoint to this committee.  His experience managing commercial office building made him the ideal candidate for this committee.  Robert had the experience in the construction industry and the unique ability to sort through hundreds of projects and to prioritize them in a logical order so that the county taxpayers could be confident that their tax dollars were being spent wisely.  

Chuck Roberts, Associate Pastor, Peachtree Church

Robert chaired our My95 series in 2008, which tackled the struggle for people balance our faith and work life. I worked with Robert on this program and found him to be the kind of person who is willing to “put his money where his mouth is;” he gave sacrificially to help fund this initiative, not only of his resources, but of his time, as well. Robert is the kind of guy who is not afraid to think outside the box to accomplish great things; he is passionate about small business and deeply understands the struggles and concern of small business owners.  The challenges of employees, accountings, sales, inventory, marketing and the struggles entrepreneur face balancing the needs of a start-up with their faith and family.  He is the kind of person everyone wants on their team!   

Mike Davis, Former Dunwoody Mayor

In 2012, when Michael Starling asked me to appoint someone to the open position on the Dunwoody Development Board, I thought first of Robert Miller. I had known Robert for years as a neighbor from Mill Glen.  I knew Robert had the ability to think strategically, visualize the future and contemplate possible unintended consequences.  When our neighborhood had to decide what to do about being included in a Residential Infill Overlay District (RIOD), Robert had the vision to see that a RIOD as drafted by Dekalb County was bad policy and could have the unintended consequences of depressing our home values years in the future.  Robert has been a strong voice on this board and a trusted fiduciary in this position.

Lou Bunte, Former Executive Director of Peachtree Church Business Affairs

Robert worked on the finance committee at Peachtree Presbyterian Church where I served as the executive director of business affars.  Robert provide keen insight to our committee.  I was impressed with this ability to quickly understand our complicated financial statements.  He was a valuable asset to our committee during the trying times of the 2008 recession.