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Friends of Robert Miller Inc.
2494 Jett Ferry Road, Ste 201
Dunwoody, GA 30338


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What People Are Saying

Matt Reeves


I worked for Robert on an eminent domain action filed against him by the GDOT on one of Robert’s office properties. Robert did his homework and problem-solved, which is what local government always needs. Robert was able to grasp quickly, complex legal documents and procedures, in addition to engineering, tenant / small business, and property value issues.

Ken Wright

Founding Dunwoody Mayor

As the first mayor of Dunwoody, I appointed Robert to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. The job of this committee was to help develop our cities first Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Robert’s understanding of real estate development & construction, his vision and ability to think strategically, and his passion for the betterment of Dunwoody made him an ideal candidate for this committee. 

Chuck Roberts

Associate Pastor, Peachtree Church

Robert chaired our My95 series in 2008, which tackled the struggle for people balance our faith and work life. I worked with Robert on this program and found him to be the kind of person who is willing to “put his money where his mouth is;” he gave sacrificially to help fund this initiative, not only of his resources, but of his time, as well.